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We like to think of ourselves as small but perfectly formed lettings & management consultants. You get the exposure, knowledge and expertise you would expect from a prominent consultant, but the service you will only receive from a smaller business is built around 100% client and tenant focus.

Whether you’re looking for property to buy in Bangalore, comparisons with the builders & developers or financial understanding of loans, Valuepersqft makes searching easy. Use our unique geolocation mapping feature to root out your ideal villa, plot or apartment and consult with zero brokerage  We will help you find your dream house.

Sampath Kulkarni

Senior Sales Executive
He is an expert when it comes to the East Bangalore market with major expertise in micro m ...
Real Estate In Bangalore | Valuepersqft


Senior Sales Executive
Shivansh carry the year of expertise in real estate, he is a young and dynamic indivdual w ...
Abraham | Senior Sales Executive | Valuepersqft


Senior Sales Executive
He is an expert when it comes to the north Bangalore Luxury market.  Probably the best con ...
Nikita Kispotta | Senior Sales Executive | Valuepersqft

Nikita Kispotta

Senior Sales Executive
Passionate real estate consultant having expertise in East Bangalore, committed to helping ...
Prachi | Senior Sales Executive | Valuepersqft


Senior Sales Executive
Intuitive and dedicated real estate consultant with three years of experience matching cli ...
Abhinanda | Senior Sales Executive | Valuepersqft


Senior Sales Executive
Her business is based on more than 80 percent referrals from satisfied clients. Most impor ...
Subhodeep | Senior Sales Executive | Valuepersqft


Senior Sales Executive
Subhodeep brings Three years of experience in real estate, excellent customer service and ...
Hitesh | Senior Sales Executive | Valuepersqft


Senior Sales Executive
Hitesh Success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals. He is a high-touch real ...
Moinak Roy | Assistant Manager | Valuepersqft

Moinak Roy

Assistant Manager
Roy’s sociability, independent spirit, and incredible customer service set him apart ...
Rakshath | Assistant Manager | Valuepersqft


Assistant Manager
As a fourth-generation realtor, I was raised in a family where real estate was the primary ...
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